The Fossil Fuel Atlas is a project of the Global Energy Monitor, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development, and Stockholm Environment Institute, and works with people and organizations around the world based on the principles of open access, collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

The mission of the Fossil Fuel Atlas is to develop and share information to bridge science and policy and support the movements to curb fossil fuels, promote clean energy, and protect communities, ecosystems, and a stable climate.

The Fossil Fuel Atlas is designed to enable a wide variety of users to generate data-rich maps, materials, and communications content to support their efforts to phase out fossil fuels, advocate solutions, and transition to a safer and fairer future.


The Fossil Fuel Atlas has three main goals:

To expand access to cutting-edge information, methodologies and web-based mapping tools addressing the social and ecological impacts of fossil fuel, energy and related industrial systems; 

To empower and equip the widest possible range of actors – affected citizens, researchers, journalists, policymakers – to analyze threats, build power and advance alternatives. 

To help address some of the world’s greatest challenges by bridging science and policy in support of global movements to protect rights, conserve biodiversity, counter climate change, and accelerate the transition to clean energy.

How we work

We seek to achieve these goals by:

Democratising data

By curating existing datasets, developing new ones, and bringing them together in an open-source global platform that can be easily used and adapted by actors at the local, regional or global level.

Advancing new methodologies

To enable early and effective action through the rapid assessments of threats and preparation of data-rich communication materials.

Unveiling threats and solutions

By uncovering the extensive, cumulative and global nature of threats, and identifying potential alternatives.

Engaging partners

By crowdsourcing data, observing impacts, identifying emerging threats, and providing technical and capacity support.

Our project team

The Fossil Fuel Atlas is staffed by a dedicated project team, contributors and volunteers.

Anisha Nazareth

SEI Atlas Project Manager

Baird Langenbrunner

GEM Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Scott Zimmerman

GEM Oil and Gas Extraction

Alyson East

Atlas GIS Specialist

Anna Leung

UI/UX Specialist

Sivan Kartha


Matthew Stilwell


Kate Horner


Niclas Hällström


Freddie Daly


Partners and Funders

The Fossil Fuel Atlas is convened by Global Energy Monitor, Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development, and Stockholm Environment Institute, and works with key partners and funders including the Resource Legacy Fund, European Climate Foundation, Ford Foundation and other partners.